3116 Blue Rock Road Lancaster, PA 17603 Saturday's @ 6pm

Healing Prayer Ministry

We believe in the power of healing prayer ministry.  

Jesus was always willing to heal as we see in his response, “I am willing, be healed” (Luke 5:12-13).  Psalm 103:2-3 also affirms this nature of God as the one who forgives, heals and redeems.

Healing was something Jesus valued in His ministry, as from the gospels we see he spent considerable time healing the sick, and those oppressed by the enemy. There are a number of dynamics that prevent as well release healing into a person’s life. Some of which include, unrepentant sin, unforgiveness, and generational curses. One of our values is that everyone can be equipped to heal the sick so we regularly hold training to equip the people of Sanctuary to engage in prayer for healing. 

Every Saturday night we will have a time of what we call, Ministry, during our Saturday Worship Service.  It is a time when we can be prayed over for those things in our lives that need a touch from God. Every Saturday we see people healed and touched by the power of God’s love.  It’s really exciting!  To read some of the stories of healing that have taken place here at the church click here.

Sometimes issues related more to the soul healing require longer periods of healing prayer. We have people who are trained, and equipped to pray for healing of physical or soul wounds and are quite skilled at this level of healing prayer ministry.  It is done by appointment only in a safe and confidential manner. Appointments last up to but not longer than 1 1/2 hrs per session.  This ministry is not to be confused with actual counseling. If you would like some prayer ministry, you may contact the church at 717-314-4720 or by email at healing@sanctuarychurchlancaster.com and someone will get back to you shortly.  Please note these sessions include an invitation to support this ministry with a financial donation.

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