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We believe in the mission of Jesus to make disciples.  There are many approaches as to how to do this.  Some do it by handing out tracts, while others may organize all kinds of events to gather a crowd so that they can hear the gospel of Jesus.  In other words evangelism is event driven and thereby it is compartmentalized; at a certain time and place we go to do evangelism.  We have found that when this is the mindset the objective can become more important than the person; so we need to hand out so many tracts or pray for “x” number of people.  In a naturalist worldview one can then quantify what kind of impact they are making for the Kingdom of God.  The difficulty is that in a post christian society, as America is, people are no longer aware of Jesus or interested in the message of his love.

We understand evangelism to be a Kingdom expression such as divine healing or prophetic ministry whereby people encounter God’s love for them as the answer to their felt needs.  Through the experience of God’s Kingdom, faith is ignited and people make the decision to give their lives to Jesus and thereby move from a life of darkness into God’s family of light.

Our mission is to train people to be aware of God in the midst of their everyday lives so that people around us can have an encounter with His love at any time.  For us evangelism is not event driven.  It is “as you go”, offering the love of God to the felt needs of those around us.  We take people out to train them to do this by putting them in everyday normal situations and teaching them how to be aware of God speaking to them and then learning to act on it.  We believe that if we were able to train a whole church full of people to live this lifestyle evangelism would be fun and exciting and done on a much greater scale.  Come and join us!

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