3116 Blue Rock Road Lancaster, PA 17603 Saturday's @ 6pm

Vision and Mission

Our Vision & Mission at Sanctuary:


Our Mission

To make disciples of Jesus Christ who demonstrate the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.



Our Vision

We want to build a Healing community that Teaches people to live the life that Jesus lived, Equips them to do the works that Jesus did and Sends them into their own God-given mission.

Throughout church history the tendency of the church is to see itself as the expression of the Kingdom of God on the earth now.  We believe the church is NOT the Kingdom.  The Kingdom of God is what the people of God are called to expand and the church is the community where all people can find a place to belong and grow as a follower of Jesus in the midst of that community.  We believe that the community called Church  seeks to maintain relationship first and not the machinery of the church.

To fulfill this vision and mission instead of focusing primarily on size and numbers first (as Mike Breen calls it; Butts, Budgets and Buildings) we seek to be a multiplying community that helps people discern what Gods call on their life is and how we can help them accomplish it(Matthew 6:33). The Gospel and church is not a spectator sport. We believe that every follower of Jesus is commanded to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and that this is best done through the unique calling on a persons life.    We believe that this is the best way to cover Lancaster county and beyond with the proclamation of the Gospel.  In the long run our vision is that, as people respond their calling, there will be many interconnected points of light blanketing Lancaster with the Gospel of Gods love; like the web of lights placed over bushes at Christmas.

If you are looking for a community to seek God and grow in Him together with others we invite you to come journey with us.

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